Village News

Fall Gardening Tips: October’s gardening chores have been delayed a little this year – no killing frost yet and some of the perennials are still in full bloom. Clean-up: Take a good look at your garden beds and dig out plants not doing well or from overcrowded areas. Chop the rest back to within a… Read More

The Village of Menands is part of the New York State Municipal Separated Storm Sewer System Program (MS4) in Albany County. Along with eleven other communities and SUNY Albany, the Village is part of the Albany County Stormwater Coalition. The Program is a direct result of the mandates imposed on localities by the Federal Clean… Read More

Stormwater News We are introducing a new feature on the Village website that will discuss stormwater and related issues for the education and benefit or our residents and business owners. In this way, we will provide information about stormwater and its effect on the environment and what the Village is doing to develop an effective… Read More

Chief O’Brien, wants to remind residents who will be away from home for vacation to make use of the Police Department House Check Program.  Simply contact the Police Dispatcher to relay relevant information and your house will be checked three shifts daily by Officers during your absence.  At the very least please cancel your mail and newspaper… Read More

Once again the nice weather is approaching and we will be riding our bikes.  All bicyclists must follow the rules of the road.  We must stop at stop signs, signal when making turns or stopping, using hand signals.  We must ride on right side of the road with traffic.  All bikes must have horn or… Read More

Many surrounding communities have been experiencing vehicle break in’s while the vehicle is unattended.  Make sure when you park your vehicle in your driveway or in a parking lot: Make sure all doors are locked Remove items like Cell Phone, GPS, Money, Wallet or Purse from plain view Place items in the trunk Be observant… Read More