Zoning Board of Appeals

The Village Board has established a Zoning Board of Appeals consisting of three members appointed by the Board for three year terms. The Board also designates the Chairman.


The ZBA has the power and the responsibility to review any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Village Code Enforcement Officer regarding administration and enforcement of the Village Code. The ZBA has the power to vary or modify the application of any relevant provisions of the Village Code so that the spirit of the Code may be observed and public safety and welfare of the Village may be secured.

Any person or property owner may apply for a use or area variance depending on the circumstances involved.

The Board may grant an area or use variance as it sees fit after giving consideration to the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the Village of Menands. Accordingly, the Board makes a determination from relief from literal enforcement of the Code on an individual case basis. Such determinations guarantee that the convenience and prosperity of the Village will be served and that neighboring persons and property will not be adversely affected.

All determinations are made after a public hearing has been held wherein all interested parties have been given a chance to express their views about the application.


The Zoning Board of Appeals meets as required whenever an application has been filed. Applications are filed with the Building Department and then forwarded to the Secretary of the ZBA for processing and the scheduling of a hearing.


The Board of Trustees has established the following fee schedule:

  • Variance for A Shed or Gazebo $35.00
  • Variance for an Above Ground Pool $45.00
  • Variance for an In Ground Pool $200.00
  • Area Variance $50.00
  • Use Variance $250.00