History of Menands Fire CO. #1

Menands Fire Co.#1 was founded March 3, 1923 and was incorporated in February 1931. In 1936 the Hudson Mohawk Volunteer Firefighters Association was founded at the Menands Fire Co.

Samuel Norwood was the first Chief, Walter E Taylor was first 1st Assistant Chief, J.W. Clifford was first 2nd Assistant Chief, Howard Menand was the first Captain Edward J. Dignum Jr. was 1st Assistant Captain, Eugene Hayes 2nd Assistant Captain, Mark Kelly, Secretary and Edgar W. Dennin Treasurer of Menands Fire Co. #1.

In 1983 Menands Fire Co.#1 moved into the new Fire House, adjacent to old Fire House. The old Fire House was renovated for use Village Office, Polce Department and Village Court.