Fire Company Officers

The 2014-2015 officers for the Fire Company are:

Line Officers
Chief – Brian Franklin
1st Assistant Chief – David Ognan
2nd Assistant Chief – Michael Steurer
Captains – Andrew Boyd and, Gallotta
Lieutenants – Brian Sheridan, Ben Lattanzio
Fire Police Captain – Robert Schanz
Fire Police Lieutenant – Diane Brunelle
Civil Officers
President – Kirk Montanye
Vice President – Brad Gallotta
Treasurer – Michael Mackay
Secretary – Paul DeDominicis
Financial Secretary – John McKenna
Sergeant at Arms – Colin Schanz
Board of Directors 
Chair – Robert Schanz
Vice Chair – Harry Harbour, Jr.
Board Member – Peter Molinaro
Board Member – Kevin Franklin
Board Member – David Ognan
Board Member – Deborah Sheridan
Board Member – Diane Brunelle