The first constable in Menands was Bernard Kilmade. It was a part time position as Mr Kilmade was the chauffeur for Mr. Harry Sage.

Al Graffunder was the first Police Chief in the Village of Menands. He was appointed by the VIllage Trustees in 1924 when the Village was incorporated. He served in this capacity until his death on March 13, 1957.

James Clayton was appointed Acting Chief in March of 1957 and became Chief on December 10, 1957.

Douglas Smith served as a policeman on a part-time basis as he was employed by the Telephone Company.

Albert Lippincott was appointed as full time policeman in 1941 and retired 1953.

Two years later James Golden was appointed to the force.

The following men have served the Village on the Police Force:

William Berrigan Kenneth Fonda
William Kayser Robert Laird
Thomas Fallon James Mosca
Thomas Stemp Joseph Elrott
Leonard Brunelle Francie Kemprowski
James Fleitz David Klefbeck
Michael McCauley Edward Joy
Kevin Franklin William Treacy
David Morrison Clement Kinnicutt
Peter Forner Gary Bosko