Village Court

The Village Justice Court is located in the Menands Municipal Building. The Courtroom is located on the 2nd floor. The Village Justice is elected to a four-year term. The Acting Justice is appointed to a one year term by the Mayor with approval by the Board of Trustees.

Our Court has two Justices which preside over all Court proceedings, the Honorable Christopher Flint and the Honorable Robert A. Becher.


Village Justice

Christopher Flint


Associate Village Justice

Robert A. Becher

The Menands Village Court is responsible for traffic matters, criminal matters, civil matters, environmental conservation matters, local law matters and small claims actions occurring in the Village of Menands.

The Court hears parking and traffic tickets – both violations and misdemeanors, including Driving While Intoxicated cases. Along with traffic matters, the Court also presides over criminal matters that take place within the Village. The court also hears evictions brought by landlords; and small claims brought by individuals who feel they are owed monies.

The Justice Court office is charged with collecting the fines imposed by the Judges on various cases. The Court also maintains records of all cases brought before the court.

Village Court Phone Number (518) 434-3992
Village Court Fax Number (518) 626-0428