Doing Business

You can get there from here: Location, Location, Location

You choose the question … and the answer is always … 10 minutes from Menands.

How far is it to the nearest International Airport? How far is it to the nearest container port? How far is it to the railroad station? How far to the Capital of New York State Government?

Yes, 10 minutes, and Menands is also 10 minutes away from getting a bus directly to the Port in NYC, where you can cruise anywhere in the world.

So if your business wants to be in the center of it, Menands has always been the answer.

150 miles to Boston
150 miles to New York City
150 miles to Montreal

Our location has been the driving force for many businesses that want to be at the crossroads of the New York State Thruway, I-90 and the Adirondack Northway.

Abundant, Powerful and Creative Workforce:

In May of 2012, the President of the United States visited our area to announce to the world that the future economy will be driven by an educated work force like we have here in the Capital District.

The home of 17 colleges and universities. Some of the most creative and highly educated workers in the world work here in Menands. So, if you’re a manufacturer, a distributor, a nanotech or a life science company we have the workforce you are searching for.

A Welcoming Business Friendly Government:

Under the direction of Mayor Megan Grenier, the Village of Menands has changed the way we do business. The Village Board is in the process of making changes the zoning laws to make the Village more shovel ready for smart growth development. She is in constant contact with existing businesses. Has created a Deptartment of Economic Partnerships to handle the daily needs of our growing businesses. The Mayor and the full Board stands ever ready to assist you and your growing business. When you’re looking for a place to expand, consider Menands as a future partner. Let us show you how we can help.

The Village Gardner:

We know how hard you worked to start your business, and how hard it is to maintain every detail on a daily basis. How it needs your full attention to grow and hopefully produce rewards.

That’s how we feel about our charming Village, it needs our full attention and constant nurturing, but the rewards of our safe and happy hometown are fulfilling. That’s why we think its symbolic that we have a Village Gardener, someone who is constantly planning and weeding. Feeding, watering and fertilizing … doing everything to make a safe and healthy place where hard work can be rewarded. If your business is looking for a rich and vibrant place to grow, come and check out the environment we created for your plant.

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