Improving Menands

This past year has been very active regarding new commercial construction in the Village. There are several sites that are either under current development or will be shortly. Here is a summary of what’s going on.

Harmony Prima Lofts (former Albany International Building)

The Harmony Group, LLC, redeveloper of the Harmony Mills Apartment Complex in Cohoes, will be refurbishing the site to allow the construction of 136 apartments as part of a beautiful, gated, high end residential property. The grounds will be fully restored to their former beauty with the result being a park-like setting complete with recreational improvements for the use of the residents.

Family Dollar

The Family Dollar store currently located in the Mid City Shopping Center will be moving to a new 8,300 square foot facility that will be located in the area of 22-28 Broadway, just north of the Stewarts Store. Construction should be under way later this year.

Dutch Village IV

The Village Board has granted preliminary Site Plan approval for 48 new apartments to be constructed just east of the current Dutch Village Apartment Complex. There will be four new buildings built as part of the project.

50 Simmons Lane

A new 60,000 square foot warehouse and office building is currently under construction at the end of Simmons Lane. The first tenant will be the Sky Zone Trampoline Center which will feature a variety of recreational opportunities for youngsters and adults.

Broadway Corridor Rezoning

In 2013, the Board of Trustees made a number of changes to the various zones along Broadway. These changes were developed as a result of a two year study of the area by an independent consultant which was overseen by the Mayor and a Steering Committee. Working together, the consultant and the Steering Committee made a series of recommendations to the Board that were designed to encourage new businesses to locate along the Corridor, retain existing businesses and improve the quality of life in the community.

The centerpiece of the new zoning package is the introduction of the concept of form-based zoning to the area. This new approach emphasizes form and content and not merely the use of a parcel.