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Dianne MacFarland-Village of Menands Gardener  Diane MacFarland

I have been a resident of the Village of Menands for almost 25 years – choosing this wonderful community as a place to raise my children. I have been interested in gardening since working in a greenhouse as a teenager, and then taking some horticulture courses at the University of Vermont. My real love for gardening began as a hobby when I became a widow and needed something to fill the void in my life. Most of my knowledge as a gardener I learned by digging, growing things and sharing the knowledge and love of gardening with others.

I became involved with the Village of Menands gardening as a volunteer and member of the Parks/Beautification committee; then as the “water girl” and for the last few years as the village gardener. Though a seasonal position (from late April through October), gardeners spend the winter months thinking about their successes and mistakes of the past growing season and what to do the next growing season. I have worked with many varieties of plants and killed a good many along the way. Like all gardeners, I am enthusiastic and generous with my knowledge – happy to share my garden successes and woes with other gardening zealots or beginners.

I spend early mornings, evenings and weekends tending the village’s gardening allotments – hanging baskets, containers and garden beds throughout the village. Currently I am working on re-establishing the bed around the Ganser Smith Park pavilion as well as restoring an old bed near the intersection of Broadway and E. Elmwood Road (entrance to Capital District Farmers Market). Speaking of the Capital District Farmers Market – I find the Market a great source for plant material. Almost everything I use in the village’s gardens is grown and produced locally – assuring what I believe will be an easy transition from one garden bed to another.

As we go forward with this webpage, I would like to see this page become an opportunity for sharing garden tips as well as finding some answers to questions that arise. I am not an expert but have found many good sources over the years to assist the garden hobbyist in becoming successful.

Email me at with any questions you may have.

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